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Enjoy the morning ar Johnny cay with friendly native people, Coccoloco, and Piña colada will be the number one cocktail
El Acuario is the place to go for your full day at the Cays.In the morning you can enjoy the
Many people ask “Why dive in San Andres?” Year round the crystal clear waters have an ideal temperature for diving
Since we open our doors in June the 3rd 2003, we understood that most our guests are highly connected with
The Hotel Sanandres Noblehouse is a small, cute hotel consisting of 15 charming rooms. All our rooms are with private
There are a variety of restaurant in San Andres, and the typical one's are our favorite."El Pescadero"
Cayo Bolivar is a small piece of sand in the middle of warm Caribbean’s clear waters.Almost 1.30 min with a


save Reservations made throughout our web page will have a special discount* from 10 to 20% on the room rate depending of the payment method.

*Discount will be applied during the low season only
(High season starts 19/12 until 19/01 and Holy week )
*Discount apply  for B&B rate only

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Avenida Colon 3-80
San Andrès Islas,Colombia

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Email: info@sanandresnoblehouse.com

Telp: (57)-8-512 82 64
Fax: (57)-8-5128263

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