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We are travellers, we know what are the common issue or questions when you reach a destination.We know the rules and regulations of the hotels, but as I said, we are Travellers first.We understand that it s not easy to wait until 3 pm to check in when came from a long trip.We understand that it s not a cool think to wait in a lobby or in the street until your plane leave late at night.You may have question that are not here, and if so, please e mail me at arthurvelly(at) I will be glad to answer you as soon as possible.

Thanks !

How much does a taxi cost from the airport ?

Right now in the time is article is been written, (may 2018) during the days hours from 7 am until 12 am a normal cab for 4 people and luggage cost 15.000 Colombian pesos.
From 12 am to 7 am a cab for 4 peoples cost 25.000 pesos.and a van for more than 4 peoples cost 35.000 pesos.the distance between the hotel Noblehouse and the airport is 7/10 minutes by cab.

We arrive in the morning can we check in early ?

Yes,as long the room will be free and ready you can check in.If the room is not ready, we can arrange a temporary room for you to get ready for the beach or have lunch.Basically, we want let you know that we are flexible in order to make life easier for you.

Our plane is late at night do you offer late check out ?

Yes we do.But for this to happened we need to have the availability of the room.It’s a good idea to advise us in the text field of the reservation in order for us to get ready and check the availability with some time.

What kind of currency is better to bring with us ?

well, the more common and accepted currency is the USD.
Thats NOT mean that you can change euro or other kind of currency.
Keep in mind that the USD have a better change rate than the other currency.In the airport of San Andres you will find a change office called aerocambios open during day hours, where you will have a larger variety of currency of your choice to change.Other than that you will find a Western Union, for USD and euro sometimes, but be on time since the line can be long.

Witch credit cards are accepted ?

Almost all,(not Discovery card) but since in Colombia taxes on credits card are quite hight respect to other countries, you will alway get a better price by paying in cash.Also, by withdrawal the Colombian pesos from your credit/debit card, you will have the official and better currency exanche rate of the day, better than any other exange office or bank.
So the trick is withdrawal the Colombian pesos with your credit card, and make sure to advise your bank that you will visit the part of the world.
Note: Sometime we experimented some issues with European debit card starting on Friday night until the monday morning.Keep this in mind.

Can we book our tour in advance ?

Yes, while we do not sell directly tours in the hotel, we can make the reservation for you in order the book the tour and get sure to have it the day you want.Please note this service is for the guests that have already book with us and their reservation is confirmed.

Our luggage have been lost or get late can you help ?

Of course, make sure to bring us the incident report the airline gave you, and we will keep tracking the luggage while you are at the beach 🙂

Our child is under 10 do you charge full price for him ?

We love family and in most of the case, during low season, you will not paying for him.(There may be only the charge for breakfast), but you should be able to get the price for the double room.This situation will be managed depending on the availability and only if reserved directly with us.

We want to go to Providence.What you can do for us ?

Well almost everything you didn’t do by yourself, we can arrange tickets for the Catamaran or plane, book a Posada from your choice or give you some options of lodgin. We will  take care of the heaviest luggage at the hotel, since you are allowed to bring only 10 kg per persons (if you go by plane) big suitcase can stay here, (No charges). Thoses services have no additional cost, we just want try to make your vacation easier.Now if you feel to tip the concierge who help you out with this ,it s a good way to enforce the :”what goes around come around” 🙂

We book from a booking network, can we apply for discount ?

Unfortunately no.The price must be respected for the contract we have with third party vendors.
Flexible rates, and exception can only be applied if you book from our page or directly by mail.

How can I be sure to have a specific room ?

You can’t.Our property count with 15 rooms only.Sometime people change mind and stay more nights, sometimes we can have extraordinary maintenance, plenty things can happend and make that the room you book is not available.What we can do is put all our efforts to keep the room you want and in most of the case you will have it.
If it s not the first day of your stay, could be the second…But we want to make clear that situations out of our control can change our plans .BTW we almost always make our guests happy, because we are here for that purpose.

Do you accept pets?

We would love but we can’t.In case of emergency we can give you the contact ion the person who can take care of your pets during the night.

My question isn't here

we would love to include it here , please send us your request.


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